Our Story


I’m Sharon, the Founder of Mauyu and I’m so excited you’re checking out our natural, nontoxic line of haircare infused with precious Baobab oil. This powerhouse ingredient is loaded with fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E to stimulate hair growth by nourishing the hair follicle and scalp.


Our Nourishing Hair Serum is formulated using wild harvested organic Baobab together with other organic ingredients such as Coconut and Jojoba oils. This serum is designed to hydrate and moisturize hair, encouraging thicker, healthier longer tresses.

 As a beauty analyst and beauty product junkie I have always been curious about products that I put into my hair. My top concern is dryness and I am always looking for products that encourage healthy hair growth. I have tried a lot of what is out there and after spending so much time and money using product after product that comprised of the same ingredients with lackluster results, I made my own!


Mauyu has also given me the opportunity to source baobab from Southern Africa. My heritage is Zimbabwean and I am very passionate about working with indigenous harvesters in this part of the world and contributing to their economy in my own small way.


Mauyu is our proprietary oil blend with superfood ingredients loaded with nutrients that will make your hair sing! I believe in simple haircare with clean ingredients – try Mauyu and get ready to #nourishyourhair. Formulated and manufactured in London, our range of products are free from nasty and harsh ingredients, made with love and pure goodness.

Sharon xx