Nourishing Hair Serum 100ml

Mauyu hair serum is a unique blend of 6 rich plant oils which work together to moisturise and nourish hair to encourage growth and increase hair density. It is also great for restoring damaged hair. This wholesome hair oil is made using cold pressed organic oils of Baobab, Coconut and Jojoba. Harnessing the power of amazing super-foods to stimulate hair growth, tame frizzy hair, nourish split ends, repair damaged hair and add shine. Drops of sweet orange, lavender and rosemary are infused for a beautiful aroma leaving your hair smelling lush. An everyday essential for healthy hair!


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Superior Ingredients

Lightweight Formula


Key Benefits

Mauyu is our proprietary oil blend with super-food ingredients loaded with nutrients that will make your hair sing!


Packed with nurients such as Omega 3 Fatty acids, Vitamins A, D & E to balance and purify the scalp to encourage hair growth.


A mixture of antioxidant-rich oils that penetrate the hair shaft to hydrate and also coat hair locks to instantly seal in moisture.


Protects against breakage, split ends and environmental damage.


Coating from harmful UV rays and heat.


Reduces frizz and enhances natural sheen of your hair for silky shiny tresses.


Does exactly what it says on the package!

Candice, Maidstone

My hair is dry, naturally wavy, tends to be frizzy and can be coarse. Firstly, the serum smells delicious lovely scent. It does not feel greasy on my hands before and after application. My hair feels soft which is amazing!! Despite the humidity, the frizz was under control. Thank you for creating this serum, it’s brilliant. Does exactly what it says on the package!

So awesome

Amy, London

#Afro hair is beautiful but it can be hard work to maintain. Especially if you have #naturalhair and it’s #4C hair as well! So grateful to have something to use that really helps. Thank you so much @mauyu_haircare.

Absolutely Lush

Karen, Purley

Your oil is lush! I've been using it to moisturise and I can't wait to use it a pre-wash treatment too. So far so good!

Georgie, London

Look at that growth though! It must be my MAUYU!

Visible Difference!

Zillah, Harare

Absolutely there is a difference. It’s definitely bouncier and fluffy and just rich looking I guess even my hair dresser has noticed the difference and she said it looks shiny
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